Installing Courseware

  1. Download Courseware from the WordPress Plugins Directory
  2. Unzip the downloaded file, and place the contents inside wp-content/plugins
  3. Activate the plugin in your blog’s Admin panel. A new main-level tab, “SP Courseware,” should appear upon activation

Using Courseware

As of version 1.0, ScholarPress Courseware gives you the ability to create entries in a schedule in the Schedule page, add items of various media to a bibliography in the Bibliography page, and assign those bibliography items to read (or create other types of assignments) in the Assignments page, and edit your course information in the Course Info page.

Using the Schedule

To add a schedule entry (a class meeting, lecture, or other event), click on the Schedule tab, and fill out the form fields for Title, Date as YYYY-MM-DD (example, 2007-11-10), Start Time and Stop Time in 24-hour time, and a description of the event (optional).

Once you’ve created an event, you can edit that event by clicking the Edit button next to the event under the Manage Schedule section on the Schedule page.

Using the Bibliography

All fields in the Bibliography at this point are optional, and formatting for content in the Bibliography fields is left up to the administrator.

Using the Assignments

In order to add an assignment, you need to have entries in your schedule first, to associate the assignment with a particular date. Date Due is required. Date Assigned in optional. Both uses dates entered in the Schedule.

There are several different types of assignments: Reading, Writing, Presentation, Group Work, Research, Discussion, Creative. The Reading assignment type requires entries in the bibliography to function properly. You can add as many assignments to a particular date as you’d like. So, you can assign two article to read (Reading), a 1-page synopsis of the reading (writing), and a question students should come prepared to discuss (Discussion). this will show up separately on the Schedule page, for a specific date.